We're a full-time RV family of 7 living in a cozy Keystone Bullet 330BHS home-on-wheels we modified and customized to fit our family pulled with a 2004 Ford Excursion we call Big Red (it's the V-10, not a diesel 😔).

Our kids range from 3 to 12 though they're all about to matriculate and we've got them stuffed into the bunkroom.

This trip has been an enormous blessing as it's part of Locable's Marketing 3-4-5™ Tour which allows us to visit countless Main Street communities and get an insider's view.

Along the way, we're figuring out how to live-small, homeschool, work-from-rv-bedroom/office, and exploring the things that make America so great.

The adventure is made all-the-more exciting by the ongoing pandemic and an apparently divisive election year.

Brian runs this site while Shannon is the voice behind the Ostrovskys.Outbound Instagram page - and nearly all of the things we did to the trailer to make it feel more like home.